Financing FAQ

You can apply for financing by clicking the “get approved” tab under our “finance center” tab on our website. You'll be guided through all the information that our credit specialist will need to get started on your finance application. After you’ve completed your application, our credit specialists will send your information to our lenders. Our credit specialist will contact you within 1 business day.

Our credit specialist have had success getting individuals in all credit situations approved for auto loans. We have relationships with over 20 different lenders to assist our customers in all situations. All applications are accepted.

If you have new credit or are new to the country, you may qualify for special lending programs created by the banks. These programs may require a work permit, proof of permanent residency, proof of student status, proof of income and possibly a down payment. In order to determine your eligibility for these programs, we would need to complete a pre-approval by clicking the “get approved” tab under our “finance center” tab on our website

You can expect prime auto finance rates to be between 0% - 8.99% depending on vehicle year, and chosen term. Non-Prime interest rates range between 8.99%- 29.99% depending on applicants credit history. To find out your interest rate, you need to fill out a credit application. There is no way to guarantee an interest rate without submitting a pre-approval request.

  • SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER (preferred but not required): Providing your SIN number helps the lender to move your application along faster. Often, if you do not enter your SIN, the bank may come back and ask for it since their initial pull might not be able to locate your credit history.
  • GROSS INCOME: The credit specialist will ask for your yearly income before taxes and insurances are deducted.
  • ADDRESS: Providing your most current address helps to speed the application along. The credit specialist will need to ask for your previous address if you have moved in the last 2 years. It is important that your license matches your current address as the Motor Vehicle branch will send you important documents to your home using the address found on your driver’s license. It is also important to note if you are renting, have a mortgage or have other living arrangements such as living with family or friends.
  • VOID CHEQUE: providing a void cheque allows us to process your paperwork faster, and get you driving home in your new vehicle quicker. The void cheque should be from the bank account that you would like your auto loan payments to come out from.

Auto finance loans may be paid off at any time without penalty. This can be done by contacting the bank that your auto loan is financed through.
You can also put as much down as you’d like on your auto loan at the time of sale. However, the banks typically require a minimum amount to be financed. This amount is typically around $7500.

We accept trade ins of all makes and models. Our sales managers will appraise your current vehicle. If there is an outstanding balance between what the trade in vehicle is worth and the amount outstanding, that amount can be rolled over to a new loan & added to the payments of your new vehicle pending bank approval. Once approved, you will not have any more payments withdrawn from the old loan. The remaining balance is added to your new loan.

In the event that you need to change your banking information or payment withdraw date, you will need to contact the bank that your vehicle is financed with. Unfortunately, our employees are unable to call the banks on your behalf after the loan is fully processed. We are able to provide you with contact information so that you may contact the bank independently.