Buy or Lease


Discover the financing option that's right for you

When it comes to leasing or buying, you have the freedom to choose. We put together some information to help you determine the best financing option for you and your lifestyle.

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Gives you the freedom to:

Experience "new" more often 
Many contracts to buy a vehicle can last from 4-7 years, but lease contracts typically run only 2-3 years. Get access to the newest in technology, styling and performance more often. 

Pay for the best miles 
By getting a monthly payment that is in tune with how much you drive, you're paying for mileage in the best part of the vehicle's life: when it's still new and usually under warranty. Remember to always mind your lease mileage limit.

Potentially save money 
Because you're only paying to drive a leased vehicle for a fixed period of time, the payments are typically lower than with buying. Have your dealer walk you through the cost difference.

Worry less about depreciation 
There is some truth to the old adage that a vehicle decreases in value as soon as it leaves the lot. If you lease and drive to the end of your agreement, you can enjoy driving without worrying about the decrease in value.

Gives you the freedom to:

Apply your personal touch 
If you're the type who needs to put your own personal stamp on your vehicle with cosmetic alterations, then buying might be your best route. Make sure to check your contract before making any modifications.

Drive without limits 
Mileage limits of varying levels exist on all leases. Some drivers don't worry about keeping track of how far they travel. For those drivers, buying might make more sense.

Worry less about wear and use 
Depending on your lease agreement, you may need to make repairs if you have excess wear and use. If you're buying your vehicle, many repairs are optional.

Build equity 
Building equity and eventually owning a vehicle outright are part of the financial plan for many drivers. Once you cross the finish line of your contract, you're able to cruise payment free or trade it in.

The flexibility of leasing fits many drivers. Find out if leasing is your best choice.

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